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DREAMER Faceting Machine

Professional Faceting Machine

Prior experience with other well known faceting machine around the world, we discovered that they all contained a different beneficial values. In a timely usage down the line, we hope to develop a faceting machine from a faceter’s perspective that fits the need through execution and create a platform for new learners. Therefore, in 2017 we start developing Dreamer.

As the developing process began, we began to gain knowledge from other trades. By applying these know how, we have picked up the essence that we could apply to the art of faceting. End of 2017, we have developed the first generation of our own machine.

Between 2018-2019, feedbacks from our users, we find the importance of precision and stability that can help make faceting simplified. With persistence and further adjustments, for making user enjoy easier execution, we began development of Dreamer 2.0.

The development of Dreamer 3.0 involved our efforts for the love of mechanical and artistic passion. Strict constructive production process, resulting it an easily control execution. Easily maintained and at the same time an artistic machine. Walnut panels and experienced ceramicist hand-mold porcelain water tank with well choose of material, to create an oriental esthetic element. We want Dreamer to be an precise and high accuracy faceting machine, and most importantly also want it to be a piece of art. To allow Dreamer to be a flawless piece of perfection.

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Dream Lap

In the 80’s, Taiwan has been heavily involved with development of circuit boards, and semiconductors were also growing in a rapid pace. Even though semiconductors today are being polish by the use of chemical polish also known as Comprehensive Metabolic Panel(CMP), but in the earlier days, laps used then, actually fits polishing gemstone perfectly.

We used technology from other manufacturing fields, adjust polish compounds and metal ratio, modified our laps and able to use it for gemstones of all Mohs hardness, upscale the stability of the surface of each lap produced. In compared to plating diamond powder particles; not being able to distribute evenly on the surface. Our laps allows for even polish on each facet and avoid fracturing and damaging the stones. Most importantly, effect and precision can be achieved. If great care of the laps are taken on regular basis, it can prolong the life usage of the lap. In the long run, faceters are able to lighten their burden in purchasing new laps constantly.

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Taiwan Geometric Fine Gemstone Faceting

From early 2017, we set our goals in the making of Precision Faceting Machine , Dream Lap Development, Faceting skills education system, Custom facet and Art Design.

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