Dreamer 3.0


With CNC precision mechanical machining, producing 360° index gear and angle axle to permanent secured on XY axis shaft. At the same time, cone head dowel contains a secure dial lock lever, horizontal adjustment dial, which allows for minor horizontal level adjustments.


Utilizing CNC precision machining technique, installed angle sensor, cone head dowel adjustments are precisely down to the decimal thousandth degree. Platform screen indicator uses isolated power source. Preset degree angle alarm will alert faceters when angle is reached. To reset angle sensor, using precise instrument measurement guide of user’s choice to set it to 0.

Dream Lap

Special formula was produced for grinding disc. Which set apart from competitors. Polishing particles are evenly distributed throughout the surface of the grinding disc. Diamond particles within the disc has a better grip, which allows for minor depletion of rough material used. Overall performance is far greater than electroplating grinding discs.

Porcelain water tank

Experienced ceramist hand mold each Porcelain Water Tank, not normal grouting mixture to final form. Outer coloring are applied with mineral glazing and metal glazing. Contains very smooth ceramic texture, easily maintained.


Keyboard style buttons are designed to control power, speed, light brightness and clock wise, counter clock wise direction. Utilizing vertical axle to create torque, screen indicators shown actual motor speed. Buttons controls memorizes past settings, and repeats same prior set up. Keyboard style buttons based on mechanical keyboard style switch mechanism. Which are designed to last.

LED Control Light

1W LED direct light source. Able to adjust 0%-100% brightness. With the freeform tubing, can set light source to any desire position. Which allows to make better perception on transparency, surface reflection, and polish outcome.