There are no best faceting lap in the world, but a great solution will resolve itself.

Outer diameter 200 mm,
Center hole 12.7 mm,
Thickness 12 mm

Coating material

Resin / MCD / Self-developed formula

Coating thickness:

2.5 mm

1.3 kg with box

Regular lap number
#100 / #240 / #800 / #3000


* Dream Lap #100 / #240 / #800 / #3000, $550 per lap (start from Jan. 2022)

The price without shipping and tax.(Float according to the price of each batch of raw materials)

Pay with PayPal

Since Covid-19 has caused international raw material prices to rise and fluctuate sharply, the current selling price will be calculated based on the price of each batch of finished raw materials.

You can choose EMS / Fedex / DHL for delivery, and for postal delivery because of Covid-19, need to confirm whether Taiwan currently has an open delivery country.