Dreamer Portable 2023

Dreamer Portable Introduction

2023 is a very special year. Covid-19’s mitigation of its impact on the world allows everyone to return to the normal range of activities. For Dreamer, a mast-type precision faceting machine has been designed and developed since 2017, to meet the diversified needs of professional faceters by constantly updating and optimizing the design structure. With the establishment of machine development is a unique faceting education system, which allows me to take students to prove that my original intentions and beliefs have the value of continuing with excellent competition results again and again.

In November 2022, in order to lay out the future plan, while I will explore the gem mining and trading markets around the world, I can have a high-precision, portable and high-quality grinding machine that can be used at any time. I launched the Dreamer Portable project. Thanks to the professional technology and resources accumulated by the past development of Dreamer 1.0 / 2.0 / 3.0, Dreamer Portable can complete the development and testing of prototype within two months. This version will also become the model we mainly promote.

Dreamer Portable is a precision faceting machine with specific requirements. Its excellent comprehensive performance makes the machine itself move from tool machine to instrument. How to make me more comfortable and efficient in use as a faceter is one of the cores of development. I also complete the pursuit of machines through the development of different industrial technologies and materials in contemporary science and technology, combining their advantages and particularity.

One of the main goals of Portable is to be portable and lightweight, so we try to reduce the external size of the machine as much as possible, integrate the design of the lap, the working platform with mast and the internal box, and modularize the internal parts. When replacing or repairing in the future, we only need to send the replacement parts to the user to quickly and conveniently complete the repair and maintenance work.In the future, I will continue to maintain my core concept and continue to improve in machine development and our education system. At the same time, I will start to use the power of science to share more basic knowledge and in-depth concepts with everyone, and contribute my own knowledge to the field of gem faceting.

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We do not aim to reduce production costs. An instrument-grade gem faceting machine needs to be easy to maintain and can keep high-precision performance for a long time under correct use, while creating a Dreamer Portable that combines beauty, performance and the needs of faceters. Therefore, such design and production do not represent cheap.

There is another very important point, the faceting machines of each era have different target requirements, different production costs, and different technologies and resources that can be applied. Therefore, in the case of unequal conditions, there is no need to compare the machines, You just need to find a machine that can meet your own needs.

In terms of lightweight, we combine the classic version of mast material, carbon fiber, to reduce the weight of the machine. The specific gravity of carbon fiber is about 1.76~1.80g/cm ³, the specific gravity of 6061 aluminum alloy is 2.9g/cm ³, so the selection of carbon fiber can reduce the weight by about 60% for the same volume material. In addition, the rigidity of carbon fiber of the same volume is about 2-5 times that of aluminum (the numerical difference is reflected in the comprehensive quality of carbon fiber), so although carbon fiber materials are significantly higher than aluminum in terms of raw material prices and processing costs, we still use carbon fiber to achieve our design goals.

AC power supply is commonly used all over the world at present. The wide voltage of 90-264 VAC can directly provide the voltage demand in most regions. Up to 94% of power conversion efficiency and overvoltage protection can be used at a high altitude of 5,000 meters, and can work steadily in harsh environments such as -40 ̊C ~ 70 ̊C temperature and high humidity.

The requirement of medical grade is to greatly resist electromagnetic interference and transient surge impact, meet Class A/B standard and medical equipment BF patients, and give consideration to stability, efficiency and safety.

In addition to greatly improving the working life of the motor and eliminating the need to replace the carbon brush, the DC brushless motor can also design the motor shaft to run directly with the grinding disk base, with real-time speed output. In addition, the customized high-precision motor shaft can minimize the clearance error and power conversion loss from the mechanical structure. To meet the operational requirements of high stability, high transmission performance and easy maintenance.

Traditional potentiometer with carbon film is used for the traditional power regulation appliance. After a long period of repeated rotation operation, it is easy to replace the failure knob due to the depletion of the carbon film layer. The design of the knob also can not accurately and intuitively adjust the rotation speed. By integrating the circuit structure and the operation mode of the mechanical keyboard, we can stable adjustment of the motor speed, and the mechanical keys can be pressed repeatedly for tens of thousands of times without damage.

In addition to adjusting the rotation speed, the mechanical button can also control the light brightness adjustment and the motor CW / CCW functions. We add the function of slow speed rise/slow drop limit and switch memory speed function in the circuit design, which can not only protect the mechanical loss of important parts, but also make it convenient for users to repeatedly control the speed operation and improve the safety of use.

Faceter often need other peripheral tools to work together. The porous USB power supply design can provide power supply for most mobile phones and other electronic products, and can monitor the voltage stability of electrical appliances in real time. Just input AC power supply, which can easily and quickly meet various peripheral power supply requirements.

The mast is a rotating structure connecting the working platform and the base. When rotating, it needs to support the working platform and bear the lateral force brought by the platform. And the inner and outer tube structures need to bear three tests, including rotating wear, lateral pressure and top precision height adjustment.
We design a protective mechanism on the structure to extend the service life of the mast, and develop the all-carbon fiber outer tube of the mast at all cost. Reduce its own weight and obtain higher use strength. The combination design of carbon fiber self-lubricating and precise matching makes the inner and outer tube walls have high air-tightness without oiling, and get a smooth rotational movement and a maintenance-free use experience.

The top of the mast outer tube is a micrometer of fine-tuning the height of the working platform. Its internal precision threaded column needs to be able to fine-tune the working height of the platform when supporting the outer tube and the working platform. Therefore, we specially make a strong and fine laboratory-level micrometer to achieve the goal of durability while providing accurate smooth adjustment of at least 0.005mm per minimum scale.

The mechanical stress position is often an important part of mechanical wear. The contact surface between the end surface of the inner tube and the height micrometer is easy to cause irreversible mechanical wear in high-strength use due to long-term rotating friction between metals. We purposely use the correct thrust ball bearing between the two, and use the high-precision ball support to carry out the radial movement under the axial force support, so as to protect the height micrometer from mechanical wear and further improve the smoothness of the rotation movement.

On the basis of stainless steel can resist surface oxidation, titanium metal coating is selected to greatly increase the weather resistance to environmental humidity and acid and alkali solvents, while the gold collocation can more highlight the high-end sense of carbon fiber box, which has both aesthetic and practical considerations to improve the design taste of the machine itself.

The working platform mainly controls two rotation axes (pitch motion and roll motion) and one straight axis (vertical up and down motion), in which the pitch axis has a critical impact on the relative angle between the surface of the gem and the central axis of the stone. In the past, various operating methods and working platforms have made great efforts to design and apply the angle measurement of the pitch axis, which is also one of the important indicators that determine whether a working platform can complete the precise faceting requirements of gemstones.

Angle observation has two impact conditions, namely, angle accuracy and repeatability. Angle accuracy refers to the measurement of an arc variable. Its displacement distance can be converted into angle value more accurately, while repeatability refers to whether the arc variable of the same plane can be measured repeatedly, and the stable observation value can be obtained repeatedly without other conditions changing.

The angle sensor chip we use joins the development plan when developed by internationally renowned semiconductor manufacturers. It still maintains a resolution of 0.001 ̊ and an absolute accuracy of 0.01 ̊ in a very small volume. This is also the highest resolution and accuracy angle sensor in the known gem faceting machine.

The working platform is mainly composed of a horizontal platform and a conical rotating shaft. The conical rotating shaft controls the connection between the handle and the gemstone. In the past, during the operation process, the position of the gemstone under the working platform was easy to cause accidental impact damage due to mental inattention or unexpected conditions caused by long-term repeated operation.

We have specially designed the center of gravity shift of Portable’s conical shaft. Whenever the user’s hand leaves the gem and the handle, the conical shaft will rotate the angle of the gem and the handle to the upward direction when the center of gravity swings. Protect the gem from accidental impact damage.

In the precision faceting of gemstones, roll is another important control item of the rotation axis, and the horizontal fine adjustment device is used to adjust the slight change of the angle of the index gear. We select the fine-tuning cheater with a two-digit value, and add the locking function, which allows the faceter to fine-tune the more precise roll angle and stay in the fine-tuning position steadily, without any deviation during operation. When the pitch angle and roll angle of each facet can be recorded correctly, we can be very confident to fine-tune the surface that needs to be adjusted.

The working platform is equipped with extremely sensitive sensors. In addition, high-precision bearings are inevitably required to maintain the work when rotating. All-ceramic bearings have a long life and wear resistance, 60% lighter weight than steel, 50-55% more rigidity than ordinary rigid bearings, no lubricating oil required, non-magnetic and non-conductive, and hardly be eroded by strong acid, alkali or salt water. The problem of moisture entering the working platform and metal bearing requiring regular maintenance has been greatly reduced, and electromagnetic interference has also been further reduced. Apart from the high price, there are no other disadvantages.

For the scale calibrated in the roll rotation, we use 5-axis CNC to complete the index gear. Clearer number marking can help users avoid positioning errors. We have added a positioning release function to allow the index gear to rotate freely and increase the convenience of operation and display.

A quite creative and smart design. After calculating the correct power requirements, we use the guitar plug as a bridge to connect the light hose and the base, so that it can be quickly inserted into the base, ensure the power supply and can rotate freely. After use, just pull out the plug, and you can store it conveniently in one second.

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